Keep On Moving On


The RAA brand has evolved over its 100+ year history to support the organisation’s ambition for growth and innovation. In 2019 it took another significant step under a new guiding force and brand promise, to “keep members moving”. We defined a refreshed creative direction, which successfully maintained the brand’s leadership position in the hearts and minds of South Australians, and broadened its relevance in people's lives beyond motoring, into three category pillars; Motor, Home and Travel. The mantra, "Keep on moving on" became a way to talk to members across every single customer experience. Across the breadth of the campaign we presented the benefit of moving on in a memorable, slice of life, story series. The campaign line and accompanying track “Keep on moving on” drove the messaging and helped to convey and represent the rhythm of life that RAA are constantly looking to protect and maintain for members. New brand assets were introduced, including the yellow shoes and a yellow ribbon, as consistent visual symbols of getting on with life, with the help of RAA.