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With dyslexia so prevalent in Australian schools and yet so frequently undiagnosed, children and teachers across the nation are struggling under frustrating circumstances. We needed to educate parents and policymakers on the symptoms of literacy difficulties, their devastating effects when gone unnoticed, and direct them on how to take action. So how do you bring to light the effects of an invisible disability, experienced so differently by so many? Capitalising on emotion and empathy to communicate the frustration associated with undiagnosed learning difficulties, we created a snapshot of the negative effects dyslexia can have on a child. Leveraged through national media, we enticed consumers to a central landing page with a wealth of resources on how to help, shedding light on the invisible issue from a perspective every parent and teacher can empathise with; the feelings of a frustrated child. The campaign was further amplified on social media with short testimonials from young adults who've struggled with dyslexia, revealing how difficult it can be and how much it affects self-esteem.