Together. Fight.

The Hospital Research Foundation

With over 40 diseases being tackled, more people are likely to be affected by The Hospital Research Foundation’s research than any other charity in South Australia. Yet the foundation were taking on all the responsibility and ownership, with the belief that “If we don’t do it, nobody else will.” So how could we get more collective effort from the community to join the cause? When it comes to the human psyche and supporting causes, there is a higher likelihood of an individual believing collective good will be provided through the efforts of others. In short, the more we believe others will contribute, the less likely we are to. Our strategy was to turn the Foundation’s care into a crusade. We needed to show how people were personally impacted by the illnesses and diseases; and, hence, get them to take on more ownership of the crusade. We encapsulated this in a belief statement: that everybody deserves somebody fighting for their health.